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Donna EDP 100 ml

Trussardi Uomo & Trussardi Donna

“Trussardi Uomo and Trussardi Donna are a synthesis of our world. These elegant fragrances with a distinct personality were specially created for strong-willed, sensuous modern men and women. Trussardi Uomo and Trussardi Donna celebrate our one hundred years of family history, leather-working tradition and continuous innovation.” -Beatrice Trussardi

Trussardi expresses a new lifestyle based on excellence. For one hundred years the brand has represented the solidity and creativity of a fashion house and the commitment and values of a family. Trussardi Group wants to help people make their lives more elegant, fascinating, sophisticated, and exciting. Research has always been the point of departure of every product and project of Trussardi Group, which respects its unique heritage while instilling it with exciting contemporary perspectives.

Trussardi is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011. To underscore its century-long existence and hard work, it has decided to launch its new Trussardi Donna and Trussardi Uomo perfumes. The two fragrances are completely new, yet they bring to mind the first Trussardi perfumes introduced in the 1980s, to which they are a heartfelt tribute. The two new Trussardi fragrances represent Italian excellence and the excellence of this renowned brand.

For more info visit Trussardi Uomo & Trussardi Donna’s official website

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Agent Provocateur Fragrance

Agent Provocateur has always understood the important marriage between scent and seduction. With a unique vision of femininity, the brand has created a successful fragrance portfolio that started more than a decade ago. Inspired by The 1940’s Hollywood femme fatale, the latest fragrance offerings from Agent provocateur are enticing, seductive and enigmatic scents with an irresistible signature personality exemplifying the dichotomy of the Femme Fatale.

The outrageously bold and enticing top note of FATALE is a striking blend of spicy Pink Pepper from Madagascar, succulent Mango and exotic Blackcurrant for an indescribably mysterious opening sensation that scintillates the senses. The voluptuous floral heart seduces with uber-feminine, heavenly Gardenia, edged with elegant, woody, violet-scented Orris Absolute, and smoky touches of Indonesian Patchouli and finishes with a sultry, creamy Vanilla Orchid, irresistible Chocolate Gourmand and leathery Spanish Labdanum base.

The second Fatale offering, FATALE Pink is a softer finish, the captivating top note is a blend of Iced Mediterranean Tangerine, Exclusive Pear Flower and addictive Yuzu Whipped Crème, for a fresh, lush, creamy opening. A blushing floral heart is composed of the exotic and mysterious Night- Blooming Datura, transparent fruity nuances of the Madame Camellia Flower and watery Asian Pink Lotus for a delicately graceful and feminine bouquet. The carnal base adds dimension and texture with Moonlight Bamboo and Musk adding a second skin of sensuality. Indian Black Saffron creates dark complexity and intrigue long after she is gone.

The advertising concept of the Fatale scents plays with the juxtaposition between toughness and softness. Mónica Cruz stars in the darkly delightful campaign imagery presenting a vision of intense femininity represented in layers of lace and figure defining lingerie. She embodies the ultimate femme fatale, radiating sensuality and enticing admirers with her enigmatic scent.

“For me it is a great pleasure to be able to continue collaborating with Agent Provocateur. Our relationship started two years ago and I ́m delighted that it continues to grow and develop into new areas. I am privileged that they have seen in me the quality that they wish to communicate with this new fragrance. I just hope I am up to the task and that I can continue to enjoy working with them, as I always have, right from the very first moment.” – Mónica Cruz

For more info visit Agent Provocateur Fragrance’s official website

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Aromatic Heritage

Aromatic Heritage




Following the 2012 international success of Kiehl’s original Aromatic Blends range of fragrances and formulas, the 162-year old skincare company is proud to introduce an additional scent range to this collection. The new fragrance, Patchouli & Fresh Rose, gives patrons a robust floral fragrance selection that captures the creamy, woody scent of Patchouli and the fresh, petal-like aroma of Rose Centifolia. In keeping with Kiehl’s apothecary heritage, the Aromatic Blends products are formulated with inspiring fragrance blends, utilizing sustainable sourcing methods, natural ingredients, and the latest in science and technology. Each Aromatic Blends formula (fragrance, body wash and body lotion) consists of pure scents from around the world and are designed to take patrons on a wonderful journey to the source of Kiehl’s ingredients.

To see more, please visit

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Nude Revolution

The innovative creative team of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli found their inspiration in the magical realism and naturalness from the paintings of Flemish masters for their latest designs for the house of Valentino. They recognized their undeniable connections with the contemporary world – a glorification of everyday life with a serene, self-possessed yet never static femininity. There is a sense of detail and pleasure to the beautiful aesthetic of the cultural métissage and taste for color.   Through the inspiration by the historic moment of travels and exchanges, the two creatives found a sense of the presents mixed with contrast consisting of a distinctive, vibrant approach. By combining the different styles and interpretations becomes a method, a mood is created that possesses the penetrating precision of lightness with a play of fashion that will never cease to amaze you. The luxurious accessories reveal a sensual severity with its wide tongues on its masterful shoes accented with chunky heels, patent leather and velvet textures. The chic handbags come in a sensuous carnal red combining the rigor and seduction that the Valentino woman craves.












Check to see more of Valentino collections.

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Eclectic Etro

Creativeness grows from the depths of SoHo. In New York’s renowned neighbourhood, art is not only hung in exquisite galleries but also painted in vibrant hues across the lanes and alleys. A melting pot of eclectic personalities,, where races and cultures merge. Etro pays homage to SoHo in the brand’s new fragrance Greene Street, which brings together tradition and alchemy of natural ingredients to create a heady, spicy potion for not only today’s man, but for women, thanks to its seductive aspects. The scent gives suggestions of the Orient with notes of fresh Grand Vert basil, Caribbean and Indonesian nutmeg and pink peppercorn. As it settles on the skin, it evolves into a sophisticated fragrance with hints of springtime violets, mint-tinged geraniums and sun-drenched notes of highly sought after Ambergris. Greene Street is available in stores now.

Check to see m0re of Etro’s Fashion design.

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eyes wide shut

Eyes Wide Shut

The beauty of a woman is in her eyes. ‘Eyes speak of her feminity and charm and they reveal her inner beauty’, says the House of Chanel. Sublimage La Creme Yeux, the new interpretation of Sublimage eye cream is a feather light formula that melts onto delicate skin, not only fighting  early signs of ageing but also tackling dark circles and puffiness. Enriched in the active fruit and flower of Vanilla Planifolia, the crème plumps and contours the eye area leaving it glowing, toned and firmer. Bright and luminous, the result is striking, stand-out eyes.

Check to see more of Chanel fashion.

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Delicious edited

Golden Apple

Be Engulfed by the apple-luscious fragrance of DKNY’s Golden Delicious. Embracing a warm and urban fragrance, the top note is orange flower water, sparkling mirabelle and the scent’s signature Golden Delicious Apple. The Golden Delicious bottle itself is a lustrous interpretation of the iconic Be Delicious bottle (with a gold cap and  iconic DKNY logo). The rich, clear glass reveals the now iconic gold-tinted juice.

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summer rose

A Summer Scent

A truly summer fragrance that resembles a romantic morning in a garden of roses. Stella McCartney has released her dreamy summer fragrance Stella Summer Rose for 2012. The limited edition women’s fragrance embodies a fleeting moment of sensuality, a cherished memory and a modern edge for a confident woman of 2012.

Playful and romantic the fragrance is the essence of a fresh bouquet of flowers and matches the vintage inspired collector bottle perfectly.

The woman that dons Summer Rose will linger with amber notes and the sweet warmth of the summer sun whilst frosted lemon and green apple scents echo seduction.

The fragrance is a perfect companion for any woman of 2012.

The Stella McCartney Fragrances are available at Myer and David Jones department stores.

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iceland secret weapon

Iceland’s Secret Weapon

Iceland’s rugged natural terrain has birthed the beauty industry’s latest anti-ageing miracle in a bottle. Based on Nobel Prize winning science, BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is sourced from barley grass grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses housed in Icelandic volcanic lava fields and water from geothermal springs.

Pure and potent like its country of origin, BIOEFFECT’s active ingredient EGF (epidermal growth factor) reactivates the skins’ own natural renewal process. The effect is immediately moisturising (ideal for the avid global traveller) and in time leads to a reduction in fine lines and boosted collagen production.

EGF is worth more than diamonds or gold on a cost-per-weight basis and perhaps is the reason behind why more than one-fifth of Icelandic woman over 30 years of age are users – including First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff.

BIOEFFECT EGF Serum has also gathered a cult following in Europe, with Colette Paris selling out of the range within a week of its launch. It is now available to Australian and New Zealand residents at selected beauty salons or directly through.

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Science goes Luxury, Youth in a (Yves Saint Laurent) jar

“Youth is a state of mind that cannot live without science.” With this radical viewpoint, the house of YSL (after joining the L’Oreal group) has commenced to launch a brand new skincare range named Forever Youth Liberator. The revolutionary range is created from the groundbreaking technology called Glycobiology; the fruit of 100 years of research, that is recognized by 7 Nobel prizes. The range is primarily based on a patented Glycanactif complex; a unique blend of glycans that unlock skin cells to reactivate their vital functions (in vitro test) and liberate youth at all levels of the skin. What is fascinating is that YSL is the first luxury brand to utilize this science in such a profound manner and apply it directly to its cosmetics. By doing so, not only has the brand made waves in the cosmetics world, but also in the field of science.

Poster recently and exclusively spoke with Caroline Negre, scientific director of YSL Beaute. When we asked what the future holds for YSL skincare and glycobiology she states, “It’s a new science that is still being discovered we’re still working on it and trying to identify new biological aspects involved in those glycans. We are making some new trials with glycan ingredients and different skin cells because glycans are a really key element of life and components of the skin and there is so much to learn about it.”

If there was one product from the range that we must try, it is the Forever Youth Liberator serum, says Negre. It feels velvety and moist on the skin, leaving it hydrated and radiant. It is designed so that only one drop covers the entire face surface. The serum and other anti-ageing products from the range had already racked up 5,000 pre-orders alone in the UK, a week before hitting the shelves, and the skincare is now considered the ‘holy grail’ of all anti-ageing due to the proven results and science behind the innovate range.

The Forever Youth Liberator skincare launches in Australia on 6th May.

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