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Louis Vuitton’s exquisite new Boutique

Coinciding with the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, luxe giant Louis Vuitton, opened its first boutique on bien sûr, the Place Vendome. Designed by Peter Marino, the opulent store is flawlessly designed allowing the exquisite creations to be displayed to all by passers with an eye for jewellery.

A brand synonymous with ‘soft’ luxury goods, Louis Vuitton is following Chanel & Bulgari’s lead by expanding the brands image beyond leather wares and fashion and into fine jewellery. Practically art objects in their own right, the valuable jewels, elegant stones, and stylish watches featured in the new collection will blow minds in this majestic setting. Keen to make this only the first, Louis Vuitton is actively looking to open further standalone stores in cities from New York to London to Hong Kong.

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rose cut

Rose Cut

Flowers and diamonds – two of women’s favourite gifts, rolled into one. Tiffany & Co. brings forth the brilliance of flora with the Tiffany Diamond and Sapphire Flower ring. Diamonds in the traditional rose cut, an early faceting style that resembles the petals of a budding rose, and tiers of pavé diamonds embrace a cushion-shaped yellow sapphire. Who said flowers aren’t forever?

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crown jewels

Crown Jewels

Trèsor Gioielli draws its inspiration from the regal splendour of the palaces. With a team of world-class jewellery professionals and designers, artists, cutters, producers and experts from Belgium, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Singapore and Japan, the diamond specialists also provide jewellery customization services which offers you a one-of-a-kind design.


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All that glitters is gold

Cartier, the brand that really is a girls best friend, set their sights on the uber fashionable city of Melbourne recently as they launched a new boutique right in the heart of the city.

The new Collins street store literally did shine as it played home to an impressive array of luxury items including fine jewellery, watches and all things that glitter and shine.

The successful launch saw the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle cut the prestigious red ribbon and global managing director Bernard Fornas flew in from Singapore to celebrate the new store and mingle with the crowd of fashion elite.

The piece that stole everyones heart and caused envy between its sparkle loving spectators was a gold, diamond encrusted bracelet with a thick band, it was admired for its beauty all night long.

The launch coincided with another special occasion for Cartier, this being Cartier Australia’s 24th birthday, and what a way to celebrate. The distinct Cartier red played a gorgeous accompaniment too the thousands of sparkling diamonds.

The new store adds its luxurious touch to a city that shines in the name of fashion.

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