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…there’s an app for that.

Entitled “100 Legendary Trunks”, Parisian fashion giant Louis Vuitton has just launched its first ever iPad App – the perfect companion for any globetrotter!

Simple to use and completely absorbing, the app let’s one embark on a journey of browsing pleasure through the luxury brands rich history. With videos, sound clips, unpublished texts and documents, bringing together 100 of the finest historical creations crafted by Louis Vuitton from 1954 to the present. It is a true journey of untold stories and anecdotes of the trunks owners – who include Douglas Fairbanks, Karl Lagerfeld, Ernest Hemingway and Damien Hirst.

The release of the app coincides with the launch of the brand’s new book, not surprisingly titled Louis Vuitton: 100 legendary trunks.

So what are you waiting for? Pack a bag. There is a big wideLVworld to explore.


Available in four languages. Sold exclusively on the App Store for AUD $19.99




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missoni 1

Luxury Property

POSTER BOUTIQUE is your catalogue of the most beautiful luxury properties around, personalised for you by us. Check in regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream estate!

POSTER BOUTIQUE is where poster children of creativity and culture come to find a handpicked selection of amazing offers across luxury travel, real estate and experiences. Here, you’ll find mesmerising destinations, beautiful luxury experiences and exciting  adventures. So, please, browse and be inspired, as POSTER magazine guides you through the all luxurious offers of the world.

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luxury stay in Phuket

luxury stay in Phuket

Imagine this: You and seven friends just entered an exclusive ocean front residence in Phuket, after being picked up at the airport by your very own limousine driver. In your 4-bedroom suite awaits your butler, who informs you of the two-day free supply of food and drinks. Once you’ve settled in, you go on a helicopter tour of the area. Then all of you end the day with a beautiful spa treatment, gearing up for spending the next day at Phang Nga Bay on your own private yacht. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

We definitely think so, and that’s why we are happy to extend Trisara’s Ultimate 8th Birthday Celebration offer to POSTER readers. Trisara is one of East Asia’s most intimate and exclusive Resort & Spa, renowned for its exquisite villa accommodation and attention to detail and service. Nestled over its own private bay, just 15 minutes from Phuket International Airport, the resort is hidden amongst lush tropical jungle, with 39 hotel villas, all with private pools, dramatic sea views and a true sense of privacy.

If you think this sounds just as incredible as we do, go to to book your stay.

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The Stones Legian

Hidden in the luscious and beautiful country of Bali is the lavish resort known as The Stones. Inspired by the elixir of life and the Balinese culture comes a opulent hotel with spectacular facilities and services for guests to enjoy during their stay. Signature services are ‘life positions’ that help modulate your mood, exceed your expectations and leave everlasting impressions throughout your stay. The peaceful retreat is located in the southern tip of the country in the town of Legian right near the beach. It offers the perfect vantage point to experience all that Bali has to offer with a sense of style and luxury.

Its iconic architertural design meets eclectic sophistication is what this resort a unique experience that anyone would be lucky to experience. The haven of elegance boost dazzling style with its vertical gardens, oversized pool, entertainment deck, soothing spa, three five-star restaurants topped off with an incredible penthouse with its very own private heli-pad for international jet-setters on the go. The Stones also features luxuriously appointed rooms and 22 suites designed for the stylish traveler with multi-purpose event rooms that can accommodate between 10-2200 guests. The Grand Ballroom is 1,493 square meters with an 8.25 meter high ceiling and recently played host to Indonesian royalty. It is close by local attractions that include the Bali Jungle, Botanical Gardens and the Monkey Forest, this resort assures you to catch the authentic spirit of Indonesia. Stones Street is always full with activities from art markets to street festivals.

Check out Marriot‘s official website to see more of The Stones Legian.

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pearl of belize3

Pearl of Belize

The recent Australian high-end boating shows threw up a couple of rare pearls, in every sense of the world. Mighty impressive was the 31.5 metre New Zealand made superyacht, christened the ‘Black Pearl’. Built by bespoke Kiwi boatbuilders, Diverse Projects, who co-opted 120 individual sub-contractors, the Black Pearl is named after the foreboding hue of the hull, which mirrors the Tahitian black pearl colour. Powered by a pair of grunt-ish Caterpillar engines producing a crusing speed of 12 knots, the the Black Pearl has long range capebilities, meaning summers sailing Croatia and Capri aren’t out of the question for the recently minted social media mogul. But arguably the boat’s most impressive features are to be found under the hatch. Designed by Melbourne architect/creative, Chris Connell, the Black Pearl’s interior is the ultimate post-modern aqua casa. Light-filled and on the stylish end of the quirky spectrum, the Black Pearl’s soft blonde, eco-silk wood finishes (taken from rolling poplar limbs) and orange vertical surfaces are Prada-esque.

Smaller, but no less dynamic, is the Belize 52, a 16.1-metre luxury cruiser from the newly-formed Belize Motoryachts company. Based on Australia’s Gold Coast, Belize Motoryachts are named after Belize, the boat-friendly nation in the Caribbean; the company is the brainchild of former Riviera boat bigwigs, Lee Dillon and Wes Moxey, who took time out after the GFC to create their vision of the ultimate 2011 cruiser.

The co-founders had a short, but ambitious, checklist: their boat had to be individual, timeless and exclusive; it had to be comfortable, but performance-oriented; most importantly, it had to be one-of-a-kind, or one of only nine (the boats are limited edition).

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Kitzhof 3

Pre-ski stay in the beautiful Austrian Alpines

The low sun coupled with crisp air tickling your cheeks must be the signature trademark of the Austrian autumn. Surrounded by colourful mountain meadows dotted with wildflowers and the steep rock formations of Wilder Kaiser Mountain, we think the Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort in Bavaria just might be the perfect place to go enjoy it.

This hotel integrates contemporary, minimalist lines with classic alpine textures and local materials, allowing guests to experience the true essence of Austrian alpine living. Here, you can choose to simply enjoy your holiday relaxing and enjoying the hotel’s superb views and classic Bavarian charm, or you can call on your inner biking enthusiast and experience the area’s astonishing nature riding through part of the world’s largest electric cycling area.

To enjoy this beautiful pre-ski season at the Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort, visit Design Hotels to book your stay.

See more fantastic hotels around the world in POSTER’s travel section.

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QT 1

The QT Sydney hotel – luxurious, quirky design in the CBD

In September of this year, less than a month ago, the QT Sydney hotel opened its doors within two of the city’s most iconic buildings; the historic Gowings department store and the heritage-listed State Theatre. While the facades are restored to their former glory, the insides of the hotel, designed by acclaimed designer Nic Graham, are created based on a mix of original features, curated digital art installations, eclectic artefacts and quirky design pieces, inspired by the retail and theatre history of the two buildings.

The hotel’s 200 guest rooms come in 12 different styles, where cohesion is allowed through the deep palette of reds, oranges, yellows and whites featured in all them. The rooms in the Gowings Building are bright and airy with eccentric touches and embellishments, matching the original timber floors from 1929. Underpinning the history of the State Theatre, the rooms you’ll find here feature Rothko-inspired carpets and rugs, finished off with playful touches like bowler hat lamps, unusual collectables and pops of colour.

Tough the design of the hotel makes for an experience all in itself; guests are encouraged to explore the treasures of Sydney by planning their city adventures using the hotel’s Concierge iPhone and iPad app. We think this makes for a hotel experience both fit for those Sydney locals wanting to spend a weekend in new, luxurious surroundings, as well as those visiting this glorious, Australian city.

See more photos and check out room prices at Design Hotels.

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Berlin Luxury

Berlin Luxury

Despite being 13 years old, an eon for a designer hotel, The Mandala in Germany’s very own Berlin does not betray its age. Large spacious rooms that invite guests to stay longer, an interior design concept that is both modern and aimed for longevity, and carefully chosen timeless design pieces keep the hotel ever-fresh in Berlin’s fast-paced Potsdamer Platz area. With a plethora of offerings enough to daunt the most seasoned traveller, get a private introduction to the city by Mandala’s managing partners Lutz Hesse and Christian Andresen instead. Begin this journey on the 24th and 25th floors of the famous Kollhof-Tower, and go on to delight your senses with a spa ritual at ONO Spa and a five course dinner at the Michelin-starred FACIL restaurant, amongst other things.

We know we’d certainly love to spend our next Berlin holiday waking up at this hotel. If you’re thinking the same, you can find out more about availability and prices by visiting our friends at Design Hotels.

If you want to keep browsing inspiration for your next holiday, find more amazing hotels in POSTER’s luxury travel section.

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Swiss hotel with a view – oh, what a view!

Swiss hotel with a view – oh, what a view!

A timber-framed sanctuary nestled on the slopes above Zermatt in Switzerland, Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort is at once a traditional Alpine lodge and comfortingly modern. This is in part due to the structure, a converted 1950s chalet, as well as the use of local materials, the hunting treasures on the walls that come together with clean lines and the clutter-free expansive spaces. And as if these luxurious surroundings weren’t enough, Owner Daniel Lauber, a hunting enthusiast, will take you on the best trails to enjoy the spectacular views of Upper Valais.

The thought of waking up at this beautiful hotel to the view of the Matterhorn Mountains makes us at POSTER want to jump on a plane straight away. If you’re thinking this just might be your next holiday destination too, go to to book your stay.

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The beautiful Trisara hotel in Phuket

The beautiful Trisara hotel in Phuket

Imagine sipping on a cocktail while overlooking that ocean – pure, luxurious privacy.

This hotel is celebrating its 8th birthday with a grand offer, and we thought we’d share with our POSTER readers – check it out here.

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