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a free man

A Free Man

A contemporary fragrance that embodies a free man, a state of mind and a moment of surprise, imbued with happiness.

The house of Yves Saint Laurent welcomed Benjamin Millepied to lend his creative energy and luminous charm to create the new L’Homme Libre.

The fragrance boasts woody aromatics similar to those in the original L’Homme yet this time with an edge of fresh modernity. Its a bottle of classic structure and modern freshness, yet the result is far from a clash, instead the fragrance serenely becomes resolutely modern and elegant.

The two perfumers behind the original and newly aquatic scent are Olivier Polge in Paris and Carlos Benaïm in New York. Together they have created a scent that holds the concept of ‘It takes a free man to express his passion and communicate his energy. Free to follow the rhythm of life but change the tempo at a moment’s notice. Free to take responsibility for his choices, with complete serenity, in the heart of the city.

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Space Out

Space Out

One of the most practical handbags ever designed in history, the Muse by Yves Saint Laurent has always been the favourite of WWM (women who matter). Known for its roomy interior, structured look and patented stitched Y design, it gives both form and function a perfect synergy. Stefano Pilati, creative director of the fashion brand, cites elegance as his main design muse. And that is exactly what the Muse is— elegant. Available exclusively at the Yves Saint Laurent store at the Marina Bay Sands, the Muse comes in two special colours: dégradé purple and dégradé brown. Each bag bears a “Marina Bay Sands” plate.

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